I discovered a love for art at a very young age.  I could draw and sculpt and found myself getting lost in projects.  It made the busy loud world disappear.  Being told to study the basics by a well-intentioned  high school counselor, I went off to the University of New Mexico as a student athlete and ended up with a degree in Psychology.  I started to work in the field and realized the stress was a bit overwhelming at times, so I decided to take a figure drawing class.  I loved it, struggled with it, but loved it and knew I had a passion for the visual arts.  I went back to school and earned my BFA and loved every minute of it.  Sharing the studio environment with other artists was a truly exhilarating and wonderful experience.  

I focused mainly on painting and drawing but found myself drawn to ceramics ten years out of school.  Clay is a very different and complex medium.  I feel getting my hands dirty in the clay helps to redirect my process and often times balances my creative energy. 

I find my inspiration and peace in nature.  It has become my journey for the last four years and continues to be my goal...to share nature through my visual expression.

peace in nature